General / Teaching


  1. Medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. Ortho
  4. Peads
  5. Skin
  6. Eye
  7. ENT
  8. Visiting Consultant
  9. Lab
  10. Blood Bank
  11. CT Scan
  12. EPI Vaccination
  13. Dialysis
  14. Indoor
  15. Emergency
  16. Ambulance
  17. Online Lab Report

Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging

  • Digital Computerised Radiography Units US $ 17,647/-(Pak Rs. 1.5Million) Approximate.A large number of Orthopaedic patients are coming to the hospital, for detail of the lesion computerised Radiography Unit is required.
  • 64 Slices Spiral CT Scanner US $ 235,294/-(Pak Rs. 20Million) Approximate.As this hospital is a teaching hospital and serious and complicated patients are being referred, for their proper diagnosis this facility is required.

Laboratory Section

  • Laboratory is working round the clock and services are being provided in Biochemistry, Hematology, Serology and Histopathology.
  • For Up gradation and improvement of the Laboratory working about US $ 35,294/-(Pak Rs. 3 Million) is required.

Ophthalmology Section

This department is working well and for safety of operative procedures and to avoid complications the following equipment is immediately required.

  • Slit Lamp for Out door US $ 2,353/-(Pak Rs. 200,000/-) Approximate
  • Pheco Unit for Eye US $ 41,176/- (Pak Rs. 3.5Million)Approximate

IT Department / Networks

  • Computer networking is need of the day for a modern hospital.
  • Computer networking of all the departments of the hospital is in process US $ 29,412/-(Pak Rs. 2.5Million) Approximate.