Mansoorah Hospital was set up in 1982 to meet the growing need of war wounded freedom fighters in Jihad-e- Afghanistan against the invading Russian Armies. Later it became a referral hospital for all types of difficult and complicated cases. Patients came here from Quetta Peshawar and inside Afghanistan having been sent by the Hilal-e-Ahmar of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, by the international committee of Red Cross and many of other organizations.

Afghan patients were treated, fed and clothed free out of the Afghan fund.

In view of the increasing calls from the local community Mansoorah Hospital decided to extend the facility to Pakistani Patients in 1986 on “payment for service” basis. However hospital subsidised the treatment of “have nots” out of the benevolent fund maintained for the purpose

In the past during the Afghan Jihad Mansoorah Hospital concentrated on providing surgical services of high quality and all types of major surgical operation has been performed here.

The hospital can justifiably claim pride of performance in the sphere of reconstructive surgery, for deformities following burns and trauma, chest surgery for cancer of oesophagus and chronic empyema and management of stricture of urethra.

By now the Mansoorah Hospital has become a 160 bedded multidiscipline teaching hospital. It is providing services to each and every class of patients through its dedicated and experienced team of consultants and workers. It has earned a very good repute and rich history of services for the humanity.

Chair Man Mission

The mission of Mansoorah Teaching Hospital is to provide quality health services and facilities for the community, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering, and to restore health as swiftly, safely, and humanely as it can be done, consistent with the best service we can give at the lowest Price.

Aim and Objective

The main objective of the hospital is,

To provide quality medical facility at minimum possible cost to each and every class,

To prepare the team of workers to help out the needy people.

To educate the people how to fight against ailing factors and disease.

To train the doctors, nurses and paramedical workers with good moral ethical and professional standards.


Located in a big city and on major artery of Pakistan (Multan Road Lahore) it has very easy access and prominent approach. One can reach and locate it easily from any corner of country.


A huge campus with multiple spacious and purpose built old and new structure and grassy grounds and wide open area give very healthy and beautiful look.